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The FLUID STONE concrete studio can be found in Jasper, Ga and can be toured by appointment.

Michael J Hearn

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Our Story

In 1989 I moved my young, growing family to Marietta, GA.  I saw this as a great place to raise my family and continue to hone my craft.  Atlanta has been very good to us as a family and as a business.  After moving here my wife and I added two more children to our family of four.  We also added to our business family with some young men that have now been working and creating with us for over 16 years.

IHS has remodeled hundreds of kitchens, bathrooms, and basements in the greater Atlanta area over the last 28 years.  We boast national certifications in tile installation, an unheard of 15 year warranty, and an ability to design truly unique spaces.

Some time around 2010 I was introduced to Artisan concrete through a client that had requested concrete counter tops.  Having years of experience working with tile mortars, thin sets and grouts, all made with concrete, I felt up to the task and took on the project.

Well I fell in love with concrete.  I quickly found that at age 45 I had found my true passion and calling in life.  I was going to create beauty out of the ordinary.  I was going to create art from a bag of cement and sand.



Concrete is a very difficult medium to work with.  Concrete wants to crack, it wants to shrink, it wants to stain.  In a nutshell concrete wants to be concrete.

My biggest challenge is to take this product, add some modern technology of additives, reinforcements, sealers, strengtheners, mix designs and other elements and overcome some of these natural attributes of concrete without loosing the beauty of concrete in its natural state.


Another large obstacle is helping people understand what we can do with concrete.  Our ability to create with concrete is only limited by the imagination.  Colors, textures, shapes and sizes are endless.  mixing elements such as glass, metal, wood, even fire and water create some of the most beautiful, useful pieces of art that will last a lifetime and more.



Fluidstone Concrete is an artisan concrete design and fabrication studio.  We mix art with furniture, function with form, old with new, rustic with modern, industrial with beauty.

Concrete has been around for centuries.  When we think of concrete we think of strength, of long lasting buildings, bridges, driveways, foundations.

At Fluidstone concrete we take this age old product, mix it with modern technologies and create fascinating and beautiful counter tops, sinks, tables, bath tubs, showers, fire features, hardscapes.

From conception of an idea, to creation, to installation we work with clients to create truly unique and inspiring pieces of art that are used everyday.

Fluidstone Concrete was born from her parent company In Home Services.  IHS has been designing and creating custom kitchens and bathrooms in the greater Atlanta area for the last 30 years.  We took that experience and added a skill set and product line that truly sets your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor living space apart from anyone else in the area.


Michael Hearn is the main artisan at Fluid stone concrete.  Michael has worked in the stone, tile, and concrete industry for over 28 years primarily as a kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractor.
Michael has a passion for designing bathroom, kitchen and outdoor living space. Having worked for years with wood, stone and other solid surfaces. He was excited to add artistic concrete to his design palette.
When Michael first discovered artistic concrete he felt he had finally found his life’s passion. Since that time he has been designing, casting, pouring, and troweling some of the most unique and beautiful pieces in the metro Atlanta area.




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David and his brother Octaviano have been installing granite, stone and concrete counter tops since 2001.  They are skilled craftsmen and have been trained my Michael in all aspects of kitchen and bath remodeling, as well as with stone, wood and concrete fabrication and installation.